Having one of the longest coastlines in the world, the Philippines offers many spectacular snorkelling spots rich with marine life and astonishing corals. As we toured around the country, we always chose to explore the underwater world whenever we had the chance, which left us with 5 unforgettable snorkelling spots: Sumilon Island After we swam with the whale sharks in Oslob, we took a boat ride to neighbouring Sumilon Island where we snorkelled in crystal clear blue waters. The shallow reef, slowly fading into a dark blue background, englobes thousand of

As much fun as it was to climb an active volcano in Bali and to swim with the whale sharks in the Philippines, we also wanted to be involved in volunteer work as we believed it would add more fulfilment to our journey. Little did we know that our first work-away experience as volunteers at the Vagabond Temple yoga and meditation centre would be one of a lifetime, full of education, laughter, love and new habits that we would like to share with you as we strongly believe in their importance in

As much as adventure traveling is enjoyable, it often involves some serious hiccups. Spending the night in a Filipino hospital definitely counts as one of them! Our dear friend Roy joined us on our backpacking journey around the Philippines hoping for some relaxing time by the beach. Little did he know that his tropical vacation was going to take an unexpected turn. After a long day of island hopping near Porte Barton in Palawan, Roy came back suffering from an unbearable headache and an escalating fever. At first we thought

Lola means grandmother in tagalog and lola Sayong is the old Filipino lady who took the initiative of transforming her beautiful beach land in Gubat into a surfers’ paradise where local street kids found shelter and job. Today a team of young surfers and great instructors is managing the surf camp. They live together like a family and welcome all visitors as one of their own. As amazing as this is, what made the spot even more interesting is that it remains hidden from the international touristic scene. We struggled to

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