Throughout the turnover of centuries of civilisations, wars, kings and emperors, the temples of Angkor remain engraved in the Jungles of Cambodia. Even Pol Pot and his cruel Khmer Rouge Army recognised the sacredness of this national heritage site and kept it intact during their ruthless attack on the country. Today, millions from all over the world visit the Angkor temples, leaving little space for the adventurous heart to experience the temples in silence and to enjoy getting lost in a timeless zone of nature and ruins. Find the forgotten

Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot’s regime) The Khmer Rouge army, led by the bloodthirsty dictator Pol Pot, invaded Phnom Penh in 1975 and started dragging people out of their homes for no reason other than to fulfill his vision of turning Cambodia into a group of mindless followers. People were ambushed, thinking they were going to work with the Khmer Rouge only to find out that they were led to their peril and buried in what is now known as the killing fields. Visiting the killing fields was indeed a black

Having one of the longest coastlines in the world, the Philippines offers many spectacular snorkelling spots rich with marine life and astonishing corals. As we toured around the country, we always chose to explore the underwater world whenever we had the chance, which left us with 5 unforgettable snorkelling spots: Sumilon Island After we swam with the whale sharks in Oslob, we took a boat ride to neighbouring Sumilon Island where we snorkelled in crystal clear blue waters. The shallow reef, slowly fading into a dark blue background, englobes thousand of

As much fun as it was to climb an active volcano in Bali and to swim with the whale sharks in the Philippines, we also wanted to be involved in volunteer work as we believed it would add more fulfilment to our journey. Little did we know that our first work-away experience as volunteers at the Vagabond Temple yoga and meditation centre would be one of a lifetime, full of education, laughter, love and new habits that we would like to share with you as we strongly believe in their importance in

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