What are you going to do In Dubai?! And for 7days? You must have gone crazy.
It’s an expensive sandpit that defies the purpose of your trip. You will spend a lot of money for nothing…
That was some of the comments we heard when people knew we were going to Dubai. But being the stubborn people we are we took it as a challenge.
Ok challenge accepted! we will show you how to spend one week in Dubai for less than 150$. And most importantly, we will show it to you from own eyes.
7 things to do in Dubai our way :

Road trip

camel crossing the street in the desert of dubai
Since we rented a car for that purpose we were able to go on 2 road trips. The first one was to Al Qudra lake in the desert and the second one to Fujairah.
The 2 hours drive from Dubai to Fujairah was completely worth it, you would be stunned by the change of sceneries , from Dubai as we know it with the buildings and urbanisation, to the infinite desert, to the rocky red mountains from both sides of the road. Not to forget the lovely encounters of wild camels and horses along the way.

Shooting birds in Al Qudra lake

bird flying over al qudra lakes

Let’s start by clarifying that shooting birds means taking pictures of birds and it will never be otherwise.

In the middle of the infinite dessert comes life! A Huge space of manmade lakes, where you can enjoy a day watching the beautiful wild birds living there. Swans, Flamingos, black swans, ducks in addition to many different kind of birds that are exquisitely beautiful to watch and not to forget their constant tweeting that doesn’t stop throughout the whole day and night as if you’re in the middle of the jungle. You can also camp there and wake up on their enchanting melodies.

Snorkeling in Fujairah 

snoopy island off the shore of sandy beach in FujairahSandy beach was the location we were aiming for. We took a swim to snoopy island and got surprised by a natural aquarium of aquatic species. And suddenly, the magic begins, the whole cast of “finding Nemo “was gathered for lunch upon the coral reef: Sea turtles, angel fish, lion fish, star fish…

A real experience that makes you doubt if you’re still in the UAE.

Global village

Russia section in the global village in dubai
Want to visit the world? Go to Global village it has sections from all around the world with a specific castle designed for each country to illustrate it’s tradition, going in you can find items from the particular country. What makes the experience even more realistic is that only natives are behind the counters.

We won’t deny that some sections are a bit lame and out of subject but you can still buy some cool international goods. Africa was by far our favorite. In all cases the trip there and the view of how countries are represented and built is quite an experience.

Dubai mall fountain

water jets of dubai's mall fountainYou’ve all heard of the fountain, it’s pretty common, but we urge you to go see it. Watching the water jets swinging and dancing on the beats of Michael Jackson’s Thriller song is mind blowing, you will actually start imagining choreographies on a Broadway theatre.

What’s even more spectacular is the sudden water explosion that bursts as high as 140 meters.

A day on the beach

couple on the kite beach in dubaiOn our first day in Dubai! There is nothing we needed more than chilling on the spacious kite beach. White warm sand under our feet walking through the clear calm water where you can enjoy a nice swim and come back to relax. As the name reveals it’s a kite surfing and surfing beach so you can enjoy that too if you’re a fan.

Deira’s old souk

old sook street in al deira dubai
going back to the roots! This is the old Dubai and it’s a must see. You’ll walk into the small alleys of the souk where you get to taste the spices and the famous banana mango shake that it’s like nothing you have tasted before. It doesn’t end here. There is another souk in the opposite side, in order get there you will have to summon captain Jack Sparrow with his adorable old fairy that will make you cruise the world! Ok not the world but it takes you to the other side and its fun and only for 1AED.

So it’s time to throw that common travel guide book away, don’t believe the stereotype things and discover by yourself what you really enjoy doing and you’ll get a memorable experience in any country you visit.

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