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In our first Lebanon Mountain trekking trip we discovered that one of the most fulfilling winter activities is to combine snowshoeing and snowboarding… And doing snow angels; if you are the “child fun” type of person like Bea.

But seriously think about it, you get to discover new mountains, you get to choose your own road up after you select which slope you want to ride the way down.


And all that you need is:

  • One Pair of snowshoes (you can rent one of those at any ski shop for not more than 10 USD)
  • A Snowboard (Same here but with a different price range that can reach up to 30 USD depending on the quality)
  • A Backpack (Make sure you have straps to which you can attach the snowboard)
  • A bottle of water (2 Liters)
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Impermeable shoes and ski ware, ski mask and gloves



As a first snowshoe experience, we decided to walk a familiar line, the slopes of Faraya-Mzaar ski resort. Wow, what a great feeling to be able to walk on virgin snow without having your feet totally immersed at each step. Snowshoeing turned out to be way much easier than I expected.


While, I decided to go all the way up to the top of Mountain Mzaar, Bea preferred to throw herself on the ground and get on with the snow angel manufacturing business. Huff the crazy dog and our third wheel, turned into a bouncing machine jumping on each skier that came his way.

Getting to the summit was no easy task. Your muscles have to defy gravity and win. My advice, don’t stop! Keep going! The pain will be over soon! Plus, the sense of achievement you’ll get to experience is incredible.

Getting to the Top

Huff the crazy dog






Bea in snow angel mode


  • Attention to all dog owners: taking your dog for a similar hike can be quite exhausting for him/her. So just make sure to take several breaks.
  • Stretch beforehand. Believe me, the movement might be slow but it needs quite some strength. Plus, cold environments act as an anesthetic, you won’t feel any muscle ache before the end of the day.
  • If you chose to snowshoe during the weekends, make sure to leave before 3PM. Faraya is notorious for its weekends high traffic jams.








I got your backpack

Beatrice and Elie the Lebanese couple who decided to quit their desk jobs and pursue a life on the road. Extreme sports lovers, yoga practitioners, life philosophers, and adventure hunters, they hope to inspire and motivate people throughout their travel stories.

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