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Why are we going to Dubai anyway? Initially we weren’t planning to pass by there, but we did. And against all odds we challenged ourselves to spend one week in Dubai for less than 150$. And by doing that, not only did we save ourselves tons of money we got to see another façade of the fancy skyscrapers city.

So if you’re wondering what’s the deal behind all of this, here’s how we did Dubai our way!


Free accommodations are easier to get access to than you think. With more than 90 nationalities inhabiting Dubai, it is highly probable to find someone you know and get to stay at their place. Our dear friend Lea Saliba was more than kind to offer us a full-time stay in her apartment. If this is not your case you can always find a host on hospitality networks such as It is always interesting to meet new people and acquire new friendships.

Accommodation cost for 7 days: 0$


Rent a car, as simple as that! You can find cheap rentals down to 15$/day and you don’t need to worry about fuel. You’re in Dubai.

Ironically, public transportations are heavy on the pocket especially if you want to visit several places in one day. Cabs are expensive; the metro is obviously affordable but is usually far to reach. Believe me, summer in Dubai is a melting hell. You don’t want a simple walk to the metro station to turn into one traumatising experience.

So if you’re intending to stay on the move in Dubai you should definitely rent a car. Don’t forget to get an international driving license and buy Internet data: Google maps will become your best companion and co-pilot on the road.

Transportation cost for 7 days: 80$


You might be tempted to eat out on a daily basis but we do not recommend this since it’s healthier and cheaper to get your stuff from the supermarket and cook some healthy delicious meals at home! Of course an outing with a nice lunch or dinner to meet some friends or just trying a cool restaurant will be part of your trip but the general idea is that you don’t need to do that everyday.

Food Cost for 7 days: 35$


Boats in the old souk in dubai

Yes, as hard as this may sound, free things to do in Dubai exist. It really depends on what exactly you’re looking for. Are you aiming for dinners on the top of Burj Khalifa or for the famous banana mango shake in the streets of the old souk? It is all a matter of perspective: you could be the “big spender” in Dubai or you could manage to spend one week doing amazing stuff almost for free just like we did. Think outside of the box here and discover Dubai like you’ve never seen it before. It’s true you’re in the most luxurious country of the world where materialism and consumerism have had their big share of the cake. But you have to remember that it is still a country that can bring you as much, if not more, fulfilment in terms of discovering its history, its nature, and its people.

Activities cost for 7 days: 4$



Luxurious Dubai is famous for its glamorous parties and highly expensive beverages. Even a beer can cost up to 15$. The only way to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife without getting financially drained is to have connections. We were very lucky to get free passes to several parties since our guide was into the PR business. In fact, we have a surprise for you. Whenever you’re in Dubai and feel like experiencing the real nightlife there,

All you have to do is contact Lea Saliba and mention I Got Your Backpack as your reference.

Depending on the party, you will get special offers ranging from getting your name on the guest list (free entry), special treatments and/or discounts on your beverages. Remember to take a memorial picture and share it with us!

Nightlife cost for 7 days: 20$
Total cost for 7 days in Dubai : 139$

So did we change your perspective about Dubai? Will you give it a chance and see it’s inner beauty behind the plastic looks?

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