When you’re aiming for a long term backpacking experience you have to recognize the fact that your whole life should fit in a bag on your back.

The key here is to know exactly what and how much to take with you. You don’t want to be dragging unnecessary items during your trip. Extra load means extra pain. This backpacking checklist will make it easier for you to identify your needs and choose your belongings accordingly.

Clothing and shoes

As tempted as it might get, thinking that you need one more boxer or one more t-shirt, don’t overload your backpack with clothing. Remember, backpacking is all about minimizing your possessions: the less you carry, the easier the experience. Plus, laundry services are generally available everywhere so don’t worry about being low on things to wear. Actually, what you should be thinking about, is your trip’s itinerary along with the related activities. This assessment will determine exactly what you need in terms of clothing. For example, if you’re travelling into tropical areas consider waterproof and easy-dry clothing. If you’re goal is mountain trekking and outdoor activities, make room for hiking pants and shoes.


You don’t need me to give you a detailed list here but as a genuine tip, choose soap over body shampoo: it is easier to pack, won’t burst open and spoil the rest of your belongings. Plus it lasts longer.

First aid kit

To choose wisely the items of your first aid kit you’ll have to picture the accidental scenarios that you might encounter during your travels. So get the necessary items to fix a wound or an injury but also keep in mind to bring some medicine to ease up the symptoms of unexpected sicknesses and malaises.

Photographic equipment

Recording special moments during your trip of a lifetime is a wonderful thing to do. But it shouldn’t be your main focus. Long-term travel is about searching for new experiences and adventures, not just cool photos to share on Facebook or to hang on the back door of our bedroom. Don’t spend your day looking for the perfect angle; don’t climb the tip of a mountain just to take this overly trendy picture that everybody has already posted. I personally enjoy photography and the kit I chose to take is quite minimal: a Canon 500D with 2 lenses (1 fixed EF 50mm f1.8 STM and 1 zoom lens EF 18-135mm f 3.5/5.6), a tripod for timer and night photos and a Go-pro for more extreme conditions.


If you’re shifting lifestyle and aiming to become a digital nomad, having a laptop is a must. Not to mention a hard-drive for picture storage and back up.

Kindle is a great choice for book lovers but unfortunately Amazon products cannot be purchased in Lebanon. The best alternative here is an E-reader or an I-pad. These genius inventions can save you lots of space without depriving you from the wide selection of online books.

Interest items

Depending on your interests some items need to fly with you. I love camping during my travels so my hammock and cooking kit are always with me. A daily morning yoga class is one of my priorities, that’s why I take my yoga mat. So don’t give up on your hobbies or daily habits just because you’re travelling. You should think the other way around: travelling should be about practicing your hobbies even more.

electronics and others for long term backpacking


Clothing and shoes

+      4 T-shirts

+      1 Long sleeve Shirt

+      2 Swimming suit

+      1 Surf suit

+      1 Scarf

+      1 Hiking pants

+      1 Short

+      1 week set of Underwear

+      1 Shades

+      1 Buff

+      1 hat

+      1 Towel

+      1 Hiking shoes

+      1 Flip-flops

Photography equipment

+      Camera (Canon 500D)

+      Lenses

+      Lens cleaning kit

+      Camera case

+      Tripod

+      Go pro kit


+      I-pad

+      Laptop

+      Speakers

+      Hard-drive

+      Adapter


+      LED poi

+      Yoga Mat

+      Hammock

+      Dry bag

+      Book

+      Notebook

+      Duct tape

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