The sun was shining the day we ended up in a Filipino prison miles away from home, on the most beautiful island in the world: Palawan. We were terrified, not knowing what to expect and what to see. Surprisingly, we found ourselves in the middle of 45 hectares of green fields and lakes where farm animals roamed freely, and prisoners worked on sustaining their new home: the prison farm. This was not a typical prison where men wore orange overalls and had to follow a military schedule, but more of a

It took us more then 48hours to reach Siargao the surfing gem of the Philippines. And let me tell you that we would gladly do it again. Not only because of the enriching journey of public transportation but also because of the enchanting vibes of the island. Not to mention the unquestionable joy of surfing there. We just fell in love with Siargao! First day: Hell day The last boat trip landed in the port of Dapa city where we hurriedly rushed to catch a tricycle ride to GL (General Luna) before

Snorkelling in Amed is just one part of a 3 days thrilling adventure we shared with 2 crazy German friends that we met during our stay in Ubud. The story begins with the four of us taking the fun decision to fit in our tiny rental – Suzuki Jimny – and head to Amed, the land of aquatic marvels. Google maps app OPEN; navigation to Amed ON. Squashed like fish in a Sardine can, everyone had to endure the unpleasant suffocation for more than 2 hours. Except for me since,

You must think that we are crazy climbing up an active volcano, but truth be told, that extra spike of danger was the secret ingredient that turned a simple hike into a thrilling experience. At 1717m lies the active volcano of Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia. This sacred mountain has known several eruptions with the last one recorded in 2000. With these facts in mind, we were eager to undertake this adventure especially now, after a long relaxing week in Gili Air Island. Early morning hike We sacrificed our sleep

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