When surfing is crushed by low tide, Island hopping in Siargao comes in next as one of the must do activities on the list. All you need is one day to discover these 3-neighboring magnificent islands and get delighted by their natural beauty and magic. We made this video to give you a direct insight on what to expect and a sneak peak on these beautiful islands. We hope you like it #1 Naked Island Naked? Weird. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out but that Island is

Heading back from the west of Bali after a satisfying week of surfing, we took an unpredictable turn and went off the beaten track looking for Blahmantung waterfall near the small village of Pupuan. Lying in the middle of the jungle this 100m high waterfall was thoroughly hidden, making it quiet hard to find. After we had asked around, coming up with funny Balinese translations, we finally got a lead on the exact location. Many locals were confused about what we were talking about. We got a lot of empty answers

One of the highlights of our trip to Malaysia was to visit the Borneo Sun Bear conservation centre (BSBCC) in Sepilok, as it is very famous for its sole and humble mission of rescuing and rehabilitating the world’s smallest bears: The sun Bears. As animal lovers and actual human beings, we are against any kind of animal abuse and would hate going to a place only to see enclosed animals that lost their freedom just for the purpose of selfish human entertainment. I admit that we didn’t know what to

With the international globalization you would think it is hard for locals in Bali to maintain their way of life. Surprisingly, and despite the booming of tourists in the Island, making it one of the most visited exotic destinations, Balinese have always managed to continue living their life according to their traditions, their way of thinking and beliefs. For some of you, it might be hard to notice that fact but good observers will probably share with me the same opinion. This is how they’re doing it: Wake up before

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