What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bali? Ubud Rice Fields? Uluwatu Temple? Kuta beach? Seminyak square? While these landmarks remain undeniable attractions, we decided to skip the mainstream mumbo jumbo and feature 34 unusual pictures that will make you want to discover Bali with a fresh perspective, one that is truly yours. Bali is a big island with diversified interests that meet everybody’s taste depending on what exactly you are looking for. During our visit we went surfing the wild west of the Island, Chased

The peace, the serenity and the loving environment of this city will definitely leave a mark in your heart! It’s no other than Ubud, the city where strangers become family. A family of likeminded people who share the same passion, philosophy of freedom, love of life and pursue of happiness. You instantly feel that you’re home and people who once were strangers become “friends for life” – as one of the guys we met there said. At the end that’s all that matters! Your happiness, your achievements, your passion, and most importantly

When you’re aiming for a long term backpacking experience you have to recognize the fact that your whole life should fit in a bag on your back. The key here is to know exactly what and how much to take with you. You don’t want to be dragging unnecessary items during your trip. Extra load means extra pain. This backpacking checklist will make it easier for you to identify your needs and choose your belongings accordingly. Clothing and shoes As tempted as it might get, thinking that you need one

Balian Beach is located in the wild west of Bali. Off the grid and away from the busyness of the main touristic attractions of the Island, Balian remains relatively less frequented by tourists. We came to experience the virgin island life of Bali only to discover that most of the surf destinations have become very touristic and over-crowded. Refusing to succumb to this unfortunate reality we went searching for a more relaxed and less exploited surf spot. And we found it!   Escape the crowd After surfing in Kuta and

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