“The Day I” (TDI) posts are  stories based on true-life events that happened during our travels and left a mark, a lesson from which we grew into better adventurers. Location: Nusa Dua – Bali – Indonesia Where are all the cars? Where are the surfers? Has Google maps gone crazy? Nusa Dua was supposed to be today’s new surf spot. Unexpectedly, we ended up in an empty silent parking across a big Hindu temple. You always know that something is going to happen when it is extremely quiet! No matter the consequences,

What are you going to do In Dubai?! And for 7days? You must have gone crazy. It’s an expensive sandpit that defies the purpose of your trip. You will spend a lot of money for nothing… That was some of the comments we heard when people knew we were going to Dubai. But being the stubborn people we are we took it as a challenge. Ok challenge accepted! we will show you how to spend one week in Dubai for less than 150$. And most importantly, we will show it

Thank you V photography by vartankelechian for the amazing featured image: Orange blossom ©vartankelechian Photography 2016 – no unauthorized duplication or reproduction permitted Why are we going to Dubai anyway? Initially we weren’t planning to pass by there, but we did. And against all odds we challenged ourselves to spend one week in Dubai for less than 150$. And by doing that, not only did we save ourselves tons of money we got to see another façade of the fancy skyscrapers city. So if you’re wondering what’s the deal behind all of this, here’s

You might be surprised but YES we have surfing in Lebanon. Better yet, the only surfboard shaper in the Arab world happens to be Lebanese. Paul Abbas, our surfboard doctor, shaper, surfer and dear friend poured his passion and love into shaping our dream boards into reality. All his boards are hand made into perfection. The best part is that you get to choose your own design and colors. In this interview we had the chance to hear the interesting story of Paul, his passion for surfboard shaping and how he’s making his

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