Do you really need it? YES. Travel insurance shouldn’t be neglected especially if you’re planning for a long term backpacking trip. Why? Mainly because it can save you a lot of trouble and a LOT of money. Picture that: you’re hiking in the Himalayas where suddenly you trip and break your leg. No nearby hospitals. The only way to get access for medical assistance is by helicopter which costs around 20.000$. If you’re not covered, such a simple accident will cause some serious financial damage not to mention the hassle

Chania is the less frequented area of Crete Island in Greece but it holds a rich variety of natural and cultural beauties. 12 pictures are featured to make you want to visit Chania. And this is just a small sample of what you might encounter if you ever choose to go there. Wild goats in the rocky mountains Island across la Aiga Marina (the Day I Played Robinson Crusoe was the day I swam to that Island) Balos Lagoon Dawn over Lake Koumas Beautiful landscapes Local talents Snowy mountains Mystical

“The Day I” (TDI) posts are  stories based on true-life events that happened during our travels and left a mark, a lesson from which we grew into better adventurers. Location: Agia Marina – Chania – Crete – Man that island looks awesome! I’m going to swim there! I always liked to create small challenges during my travelling trips. These little games always brought me a sense of adventure and a thrilling time. I sat on shore contemplating my reward: an enormous reddish pile of rocks invaded by contagious greeneries where a

It is rare to find Lebanese Backpackers roaming the world although I bet that many dream about it. I can’t say that the reason for that is only related to the Lebanese passport limitations, but it definitely makes things difficult. -No, you cannot apply for a VISA now! -No, you have to be physically present to get the VISA! -No, you’ll have to come back to Lebanon and apply for the VISA here! This is all that we’ve heard from our last phone conversation with the Indian Embassy in Lebanon.

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