I am not going to list the most common things to do in Beirut. If you want to discover and truly learn about the identity of this country,you’ll have to go behind the scenes,wander the streets and “roll in the mud”. After all, you can always choose to go for the “most popular places in Lebanon” option,but you’ll end up getting the marketed image of the country and miss out on all the genuine,un-promoted ones. So go for: Exhibitions around the block Getting in touch with the core identity of

  In our first Lebanon Mountain trekking trip we discovered that one of the most fulfilling winter activities is to combine snowshoeing and snowboarding… And doing snow angels; if you are the “child fun” type of person like Bea. But seriously think about it, you get to discover new mountains, you get to choose your own road up after you select which slope you want to ride the way down.   And all that you need is: One Pair of snowshoes (you can rent one of those at any ski

A job shift. Better yet, a lifestyle shift is wonderful in theory. but when it comes to actually doing it you’ll feel the trembling fears and hesitations. Your mind will be racing with millions of questions, specially the day that you decide to quit your job: Am I making the right decision? will this affect my working life? my credibility as a person? Not being able to commit to one job for more than a year?  Here are 7 tips on how to overcome these questions. they worked perfectly fine

A roadtrip across the lands of the Omani Sultanate is perhaps the best way to discover the virgin nature of this amazing country. Plus, not planning for this trip made the adventure all the more exciting (Although some planning could have been a bit helpful in terms of transportation). My advice, rent a car in Oman. Not only because the taxis there are ridiculously expensive, but to get your own unique story, your own mini-expedition. You know it is not about the destination as much as it is about the road

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