A roadtrip across the lands of the Omani Sultanate is perhaps the best way to discover the virgin nature of this amazing country. Plus, not planning for this trip made the adventure all the more exciting (Although some planning could have been a bit helpful in terms of transportation).

My advice, rent a car in Oman. Not only because the taxis there are ridiculously expensive, but to get your own unique story, your own mini-expedition. You know it is not about the destination as much as it is about the road and the wonders you’ll get to encounter.

During our roadtrip in Oman we got to:

Chase a herd of wild goats

Run behind wild goats

We couldn’t avoid not parking the car in the middle of the street just to go chase this big herd of wild goats. They were just having a chilled eating session in the sun, and we decided to disturb their precious gathering to get some pictures. The sad part was that we couldn’t get close enough to get defined portrayed photos. Goats were running away. Together. In the same direction. Finding this quiet funny but admiring their sense of solidarity, we decided to chase them across the desert.

Photo-shoot a female Camel Model.

photoshoot of a camel

Wow! A camel! I screamed while stepping on the breaks. No one spotted the beautiful animal for his pelage color was as sandy as the desert behind it. Moments later we carefully approached our female model, expecting the worse. Little reaction did she have. In fact, she was posing as if she knew she was being photo-shoot.

Play with children in deserted villages

child in abandoned villages

Deserted villages are all over Oman. The country is still in its rising phase and the nature remains intact. You won’t be surprised when you stumble upon a 5-house village where children will be running around in unpaved streets, enjoying no more than the bounce of an old soccer ball. In a world invaded by consumerism, this sight came in as a big reminder of the simplicity of life where you can find happiness in the tiniest and most obvious places.

Learn local fishing techniques

One thing you should learn before going fishing in Oman is that you have to check tidal forecast beforehand. The tide over there is crazy: one minute your fishing boat is roaming across the waters and the next you find yourself lying in the bottom of the ocean. Local fishermen have developed a kind of 6th sense when it came to tidal forecast. They would know when to go fish just by looking up at the skies and manually feeling the direction of the wind.

Swim in Wadi Bani Shab

An oasis in the middle of the desert? I thought we only found those in movies or in cartoons. Well I was wrong, and Oman holds quiet a lot of Oases within its lands. After an hour and a half of non-stop hiking, we got to jump in the cool crystal blue water of Wadi Bani Shab. This experience should not be missed, especially in the heat of the Omani Sultanate.

Enjoy the desert valleys of Wahiba sands 

It is amazing how the desert looks exactly like a static frozen golden sea. And getting to sand board on its dunes was a very cool thing to do. You won’t be moving at the speed you’re imagining. In fact, you won’t be moving at all. You’ll have to push your self down the slope. The feeling however, is quiet overwhelming: you can easily picture yourself on a magic carpet on the verge of discovering a magic lantern. As beautiful as sand boarding was, nothing exceeded contemplating the warm and delicious desert sunset.

Kiss sea turtles 

Being 100% spontaneous has his downsides. For you to get a close and guided tour to watch sea turtles hatch in Ras AI Hadd Turtle Reserve, you’ll have to book your place in advance . Since we didn’t do that, we had no place in the tour. But we refused to give up. We came all this way to see tiny sea turtles and there is no way we were going to leave before doing so. We kept negotiating our way till one Omani guy volunteered into giving us a private tour on a different beach where we might find hatching eggs. Our hopes were too high. We searched for more than 2 hours the deserted beach and didn’t find anything. One

Night Beach camp 

Camping randomly on the beach late at night was one of the most thrilling and excited things I have ever experienced. I have camped before but not as unprepared as this time. We could only hear the sound of the waves but had no clue on how far was the water, if we were going to be ravished by a tidal flood or if we were going to be visited by a random Omani who will share with us his tragic bedtime stories. Well, the last improbable option happened. He came out of the pitch-black background, approached our campground and sat with us. He seemed sad but willing to talk. At first we got really afraid from this unexpected appearance but we didn’t take much time to notice that it was a sad guy who just needed to let his feelings out. He sat down with us, we offered him dinner and he offered us an all night package bedtime stories.

I got your backpack

Beatrice and Elie the Lebanese couple who decided to quit their desk jobs and pursue a life on the road. Extreme sports lovers, yoga practitioners, life philosophers, and adventure hunters, they hope to inspire and motivate people throughout their travel stories.


Alex · February 4, 2016 at 8:18 pm

Hey Elie,
I have been thinking about going doing some long term travel for a while now and I’m glad I found your site. I was wondering how you ended up deciding to live a life of travel and how you can afford it.
Did you have some money saved up beforehand?
Thanks for the good advice and inspiring website!

    Elie C. · February 4, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Hey Alex. way to go man I hope I inspired you in some ways. well, I did have some money saved up and this will help me start of course. But I’m counting on generating online income in order to sustain the travel life I am aiming for.

Matt's Mom · July 24, 2016 at 5:44 pm

Omar looks absolutely beautiful. I love camels, they are awesome creatures. I truly think the desert is the best kind of area to live in. You cannot get a better sunrise or sunset over the desertscape. I am curious though as I am unfamiliar with this area, where is this located? Seems it is probably far away from where I am in Dallas, Texas.

    I got your backpack · August 1, 2016 at 4:29 am

    Hey Matt’s mom! Desert is indeed a special place, as fo Oman it is in the middle east near dubai and quatar if you are familiar with the area 🙂

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