Chania is the less frequented area of Crete Island in Greece but it holds a rich variety of natural and cultural beauties. 12 pictures are featured to make you want to visit Chania. And this is just a small sample of what you might encounter if you ever choose to go there.

  1. Wild goats in the rocky mountains

    wild goat in the mountains of chania crete

  2. Island across la Aiga Marina (the Day I Played Robinson Crusoe was the day I swam to that Island)
    island across the shore of agia marina in crete

  3. Balos Lagoon
    Balos lagoon in chania crete

  4. Dawn over Lake Koumas
    dawn in a lake in chania crete

  5. Beautiful landscapes
    beatiful landscape in chania crete

  6. Local talents
    two guitar players on a beach in chania crete

  7. Snowy mountains
    snowy mountains behind a stony house in chania crete

  8. Mystical parks
    wooden bridge in a park in chania crete

  9. Colorful peninsula deck
    Bank on the peninsula of chania crete

  10. Serene sea side sunset
    sunset on the sea side of chania crete

  11. Modern day sheperd
    sheperd with his dogs and herd in chania crete

  12. Crystal blue waters
    man standing in the middle of crystal blue waters in chania crete

My advice: always aim for the less touristic parts of any travel destination. Hidden wonders are always around the corner. Chania is the hidden diamond of the Crete Island. Discover its virgin natural lands and enjoy the magical views it has to offer. If you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover and a sea food addict, then Chania is not to be missed.

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