What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bali?
Ubud Rice Fields? Uluwatu Temple? Kuta beach? Seminyak square? While these landmarks remain undeniable attractions, we decided to skip the mainstream mumbo jumbo and feature 34 unusual pictures that will make you want to discover Bali with a fresh perspective, one that is truly yours.
Bali is a big island with diversified interests that meet everybody’s taste depending on what exactly you are looking for.

During our visit we went surfing the wild west of the Island, Chased the sunrise from the top of active volcanoes, drove hours crossing the island from one side to another stopping to capture our amazements, snorkelled the crystal clear waters of Amed, Twisted our bodies in the yoga barn, camped at the beach when we had nowhere else to sleep, dined with locals, opted for the hardcore path to get to Gili Air Island, explored off the beaten track waterfalls, stumbled on fishermen paradise and many more stories and memories that will remain only ours. And this is what we are encouraging here, to explore the unexplored, to dig for the new and for the unmarked.

It doesn’t take much to research the Net looking for specific guides that will give you details about ultimately wonderful destinations. But going by the book erases the adventure factor from your trip. At least this is how we see it. Don’t get us wrong here, some landmarks chosen from online or offline guidebooks are completely worth the visit but we wouldn’t let our whole trip be revolving just around it skipping the journey that comes in between. Travel should be about your own discoveries. Endless pictures are already online featuring the same locations, the same temples, the same beaches, which gave Bali a certain false identity, and made these places extremely touristic and crowded, and as beautiful as these pictures may be, once you step your feet there you’ll be disappointed by how different it actually is. While the truth remains that Bali is so much more then that, it is first and foremost an Island with a spirit.

This is Bali behind our Lens:

#2  Memorable sunrises from the top of active volcanoes

sunrise from the top of mount batur

#3 The deadly curling giants of the East

waves of east Bali

#4 The farmers

farmers working in rice fields

#5 Rice fields in flames

burning rice fields in east bali

#6 Spider boats aligned on the dusky shore

endless line of fishermen boats on the shore of amed beach

#7 Post-surfing sessions surf board with a sunset background

#8 Mangosteen, the fruit of the gods


#9 Morning Local markets

local in the morning street shop

#10 Kuta, Lombok: Surfer’s paradiseLandscape view from the inside of a bay in kuta lombok

#11 All shades of green

rice fields and mountain in amed

#12 Ask the gods…

man in deep thoughts next to hindu god statue

#13 Snorkelling beach in Amed

snrokelling beach in Amed

#14 Unforgettable sunsets

sunset view of mount agung

#15 Dusks out of a fairytale

magical beach surise with a fisherman boat in the picture

#16 The Balinese Sun


#17 Unleash your creativity

babels disposition next to river stream

#18 Spiders everywhere!

spider boats off the shore of Sanur

#19 Padang Bai, the harbor of hardcore travellers

padang bai

#20 School nostalgia

school kids in bali

#21 Lucky camping spots by the beach

camping spot on the beach

#22 Tegenungan waterfall

waterfall in ubud

#23 … a perfect background for photo-shoots (1)

crow posture in front of a waterfall

#24 … a perfect background for photo-shoots (2)

girl posing in front of the waterfall

#25 Top of Balian hills

View from top of a balinese hill

#26 The wild west

balian beach

#27 Horse bathing

local bathing his horse in the ocean

#28 Glassy enjoyable waves

surfer riding a wave in bali

#29 The wild west in extinction

sunset view from balian beach

#30 Fishermen at night

fisherman sitting by the beach at sunset time

#31 Fulfilling surfing sessions

surfer on Balian beach

#32 Up, up and away!
man witnessing the sunrise from the top of mount batur in bali

#33 Dense Jungles

tree density in the jungle

#34 Dancing in the Moonlight…

moonlight view

What about you? Any pictures you would like to share?

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