We’ve all seen one of those movies where people unwillingly get stuck on an insanely beautiful island with its sparkling sandy beaches and breathtaking relaxing nature. While it was no “fun and games” for those people fending for their lives, nobody denies that the shooting locations are astonishing and makes you secretly want to get stuck there, in a nice way that is!

Here are our 5 reasons to get stuck on Gili Air Island willingly and comfortably outside the movies’ plot!

Hypnotic Flair

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We were told that the island is magical; that it keeps you hooked once you set foot in it. They weren’t wrong!

During our stay, we couldn’t avoid getting drawn by a mysterious magnetizing power that kept us thriving for more. What supposedly was a weekend trip ended up being a whole week stay!

The hypnotizing flair of the island is felt in the slightest details: the astonishing nature of the green fields dotted with happy cows eating freely and who have mistaken themselves for dogs: one whistle and they come running to cuddle.

Colored butterflies all across the small pathways of the island. Infinite tropical intersected trees. Enchanted birds that will keep you dreamy with silence shredding melodies and beautiful rhythmic operatic performance.

You’ll get the sense of having drunk Alice’s magic potion and Mr. Rabbit Is showing off his wonderland.

The locals’ life

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Living the simple life with a smile that never dissipates off their faces. You won’t miss the feeling that you’re in a big art hub where handcrafters are carving coconut shells into beautiful masterpieces, bands jamming all day long, singers sitting on the roof of the stage inviting people to their tonight’s performance, boat builders refining the last wooden paint touch…

The harmony you find between men and nature in Gili Air, is astonishing. Look at the horses, the main means of transportation on the island, going back and forth all day long dropping out people or boxes from one place to another. At first you would think that they are being abused, until you see them running freely in the afternoon sun, tingling their hooves with humid beach sand and getting bathed by their riders in the ocean. At that moment, you would understand: they’re both part of the same team, getting each others back, helping each other survive the island life. Getting touched by this connection, we jumped straight in the water to help out Wayan bath Freddy, the majestic black horse.

The music Festivals

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Relax during the day and go crazy at night! That’s the drill when you attend the Burning island festival; a yearly 3 days music festival that unites an international scene of kind, fun and artistic people.
Let me put it this way, amazing sceneries, awesome music, non stop fire show performance by pirates retreat will make you stomp your feet all night long on that cozy, beautifully decorated dance floor.
Whenever you need a silent moment, you can step out of the festival area and go chill with a drink in one of the huts along the beach, which brings us to our next point.

The beach bungalows restaurants

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Inevitable bait! These bungalows are everywhere!

You won’t be able to fight the urge of lying under one of their bamboo huts contemplating Gili’s amazing sunset with a huge, ice-cold, coconut in your hands.

You can easily spend an entire day without the slightest trace of boredom. Not to mention the variety of menus that will tingle your taste buds be it local Indonesian or Western food.

The homestays

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For a tiny island the number of villas, guesthouses and bungalows is enormous there is a place that fits everybody’s taste whether financially or emotionally.

You can find some awesome, relaxing stays with a beach view where you’ll enjoy the sunset from your porch, or some more quite stays a bit far from the main pathway.

After taking the exhausting hardcore path getting to Gili Air, we were very lucky to fetch a stay in Villa Karang across the pathway right next to the harbor. Surrounded by coconut palm trees and beautiful gardens, a big fresh pool is at your disposal, the perfect place for your morning yoga practice! Very affordable price including a delicious breakfast (Don’t miss out on the pancakes).

Accommodation wise don’t stress over it, just check Airbnb.com or Booking.com (you can book directly using the widget below) and you’ll find a suitable place for your vacation. Tell your hosts that you might extend your stay. You won’t regret it once you get the Gili fever 😉


More information

cooking class in gili air island

We’re not going to talk long about the activities since they are the same as everywhere on the Balinese cost. But in short:

  • Diving and snorkeling are the main tourists attraction in Gili Air: there are 3 dive centers that will take you on diving and snorkeling trips as well as local tour offices that will offer purely snorkeling trips along he 3 islands.
  • From the local offices you can also book a 4 days trip to Komodo dragon island and pink beach.
  • For foodies who enjoy Indonesian food you’ll find a nice place that teaches cooking in 3 classes.
  • Two Yoga centers are also within the Island offering several classes a day.

The experience we had confirmed the hypnotizing power of the island that drags you towards it and simply makes you fall in love with all its serenity and beauty. 5 reasons were enough for us to get stuck on Gili Air Island. But you wouldn’t know exactly what we mean unless you go and see for yourself. Maybe you can add something up to the list 😉



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