“The Day I” (TDI) posts are  stories based on true-life events that happened during our travels and left a mark, a lesson from which we grew into better adventurers.

Location: Nusa Dua – Bali – Indonesia

Where are all the cars? Where are the surfers? Has Google maps gone crazy? Nusa Dua was supposed to be today’s new surf spot. Unexpectedly, we ended up in an empty silent parking across a big Hindu temple. You always know that something is going to happen when it is extremely quiet! No matter the consequences, we decided to discover the place. After all, it took us more than an hour to get there.

At first sight, we could discern the ripping waves of the ocean between the silhouettes of the temple’s god status. Old familiar adrenaline started pumping in our veins. We just wanted to ride what is supposedly the best waves in the world.

Little did we know by then that no waves were awaiting us. But instead we were overwhelmed by the amazing secret beach that unfolded itself at the end of what soon came to be the best cement stair descent of our lives.

The secret beach

The long stretch of burning white sand was lined with jungle thick trees inhabited by cheeky monkeys. Crystal clear cyan waters invaded by marks of luscious green algae. Radiant blue skies brushed with strings of cloudy lines turning the scenery into a modern Van-Gog’s painting. A small wooden hut was seasonally built to receive local fishermen who regularly stepped in for some refreshing beer after a long tiring fishing session.

The tiny wooden hut

“Come have a seat with us! Good food here!” gestured Yoki, owner of the tiny hut, inviting us in for some noodles and scrambled eggs. Two Policemen were sitting in deep silence, leaving place for the fresh ocean wind and sweet sound of the waves up far to manifest freely. We joined without disturbance only engaging them with small irregular talks. No words could explain the serenity we felt. We just wanted to pause this moment forever. This amazing connection that Balinese have with nature is truly remarkable.

Tiny hut

The fishermen

That day, Mayan, father of two, had taken the day off from working at the fancy hotel nearby. He grasped the opportunity to go fishing for his family some dinner. Just like all those local fishermen out there, he stood for long hours in the striking tropical sun, hiding his face under a conical bamboo hat, a fish stick in his hand, and a hand made basket on his waste. He would wait for eternity just to collect enough fish to feed his children.


For the fishermen of Nusa Dua, life is most felt in its simplicity! Why would they enslave themselves behind a nasty desk, hypnotizing their selves in what it’s wrongly assumed to be the purpose of human existence? For them purpose is being present and enjoying every minute of the day with the sole worry of survival to witness the daily beauty of the nature they inhabit.

fisherman carrying his boat back to shore

The day we stumbled on Fishermen paradise was the day we truly saw how joy can be experienced throughout the simplest little things. These fishermen had the biggest smile we have ever seen and intuitively confirmed that you create your own happiness in life. So appreciate and make the best of what you have. Just Live.


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